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Body Talk:

is a revolutionary healthcare system that works to restore areas of communication in the body that have become compromised. The body is naturally designed to heal itself, although often the spirit/mind/body programs need a bit of a software upgrade. The practitioner achieves this by being present, using muscle testing and a series of yes or no questions that flow from a standard protocol chart. The result is a formula link that tells a story as to how the spirit/mind/body system can repair itself. When a priority has been found, the BodyTalk practitioner then uses gentle, ancient hatha yoga body tapping techniques to reestablish balance. The BodyTalk System practioners do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat. Instead, they 'ask' the client's innate wisdom what the top level of priority is to address, and only then are they able to proceed. BodyTalk can be used as a stand-alone system or in combination with other health care systems, alternative or traditional and supports both.

60 minutes | $100

Shamanic Healing:

Extraordinary powerful techniques for personal transformation. This work is rooted in shamanic traditions of Peruvian wisdom keepers and has been preserved for thousands of years.

Energy Medicine works with the electro-magnetic energy field (EMF) and with the chakra system, to clear and illuminate energy that holds us back in our lives. It can shift malignant physical and emotional conditions, remove intrusive energies from the body, erase imprints of disease, and restore soul-loss from trauma.

After energy shifts are made, there is opportunity to illuminate negative patterns of the mind and integrate more joyous and liberating ways of being. Thus, creating a new life vision of your choosing.

90 minutes|$150

Mythic Mapping:

Explore your soul's journey from an eagle eye's view, seeing clearly the connections in all things. These techniques allow you to navigate your highest destiny. Using divination throws, tarot cards, meditation, drawing, and/or sand paintings you can access deeper levels of the subconscious mind. It also can reveal shadows that need shifting in your life, and assist you in manifesting real changes. Learning to see mythically not only creates more magic, but gets you on a clear path of conscious manifestation.

90 minutes|$150

“If psychological work thins the clouds, spiritual work invokes the sun” ~John Welwood

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” ~Caroline Myss